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Build A Relationship With
Your Horse As You Learn to Ride

Horseback Riding & Horsemanship Lessons  |  Penrose, Colorado

Ready to learn to ride horses with confidence? 
It starts with your understanding of the horse. 

Are you new to horses? Maybe you’ve been away for years and now you’re nervous to get back in the saddle, Or, is your child the one begging for horseback riding lessons? 

Regardless of your age or stage of life, we'll help you become a confident rider in the saddle. So, where does understanding your horse come in?


We believe knowing how to establish a bond with your horse is just as important as wearing a helmet when you ride.

Yes, you can even bond with a lesson horse. Just ask Sarah who loved her lessons horses at Champs so much she had her senior pictures taken with them!

Image by Rex Pickar

When you take time to build a relationship with your horse, the opportunities for how you can have fun riding as you build your riding skills are endless. 

That’s why we focus on a relationship-based riding experience at Champs Riding School. 

From day one, you’ll learn more than just the mechanics of riding. You’ll learn the ins and outs of being with and taking care of horses, from the ground and in the saddle. 

*Spoiler Alert*  Thinking you want to buy your own horse? Your lessons at Champs will help you become the owner your horse needs you to be.


Champs - Leslie Connor Jaxon.heic

I greatly appreciate the wealth of knowledge and experience my children have learned from Cheryl and Rachel. Rachel kept my youngest son excited and engaged with games and encouragement.  As a parent watching my children's lessons, I have also improved my own horsemanship. 

Leslie W.


Get to know your instructors at Champs Riding School. Plus, meet our mascot, Champ!


Meet Cheryl Cosyleon

Head Instructor

Hi, I’m Cheryl! 

For the sake of formality, I’m the owner and head instructor at Champs Riding School. 

What do I really want you to know? I’m passionate about giving you everything you need to build a trusting relationship that allows you to have fun and feel confident with horses whether you’re in the saddle or on the ground. 

While I’ve been a Certified Horsemanship Association instructor for more than 25 years, I didn’t grow up with horses. I always loved them as a little kid, but I was raised by a single mom and we just never had the money for lessons. 

After I got married and started our family, I wanted to plan a time away from home to do something “just for me.” So I started taking riding lessons with a lady from my church.

I did so well she hired me as an assistant. Within a year, I was her barn manager. I started earning money while doing my passion!

From early on in my riding, I valued growing in knowledge and understanding of horses. The more that I learned about each horse I rode, the more I felt safe and confident because we’d built a rapport together. That’s what I want for you!

Everything we do at Champs Riding School is centered around helping you build a trusting relationship with horses. 

As you build that bond and learn to ride, you will have “wings“ that bring a confidence and freedom that’s indescribable. It’s why my favorite phrase is, “Fire your therapist—learn to ride!”



Ready to go? I can't wait to meet you!

Meet the Team

You will love our team of instructors AND horses at Champs Riding School!

champs - rachel - trigger.jpg

Rachel Peter

Assistant Instructor

As a lifelong horse lover, when she came to CHAMPS for her daughter to take hunter jumper lessons, her own love for riding was renewed. Since then, she started lessons and enjoys the CHA program so much that she became Cheryl’s assistant. Knowing she has equipped students with skills and habits that will keep them safe around horses makes Rachel happy.

Champs - elizabeth-dandy.jpg

Elizabeth Clark

Assistant Instructor

Riding since she was 5 years old and instructing for 20-plus years, Elizabeth loves sharing her love for horsemanship with her students. As a riding instructor and lifestyle/wellness coach, she’s found the connection between health, happiness, and horses can be beneficial for everyone.

Meet Champ

Early in my horse teaching business, my kids named my school CHAMPS Riding School. It stands for Cheryl’s Horsemanship Academy Making People Smile 😊. 

When I bought my 6-month-old palomino gelding (my heart horse), we named him CHAMP, and he was my mascot. I could take him anywhere. We were best friends. 

People would often say Champ was the friendliest horse they’d ever met. He even gave an elderly woman one of her bucket list wishes. Pat was in her 80's and had never been on a horse but really wanted to ride. Champ and I were able to take her for a short ride down the driveway—she was thrilled!

I highly recommend Cheryl as a riding instructor. I am 62 and have been taking lessons from her for a year. She has a genuine passion for teaching about horses and riding. As a novice rider, Cheryl has slowly developed my confidence in my ability to control a horse in a variety of situations. My goal is to eventually have my own horse. With Cheryl as my teacher, I feel confident I can reach my goal.  

Debbie C.


Here's what to expect & what's available when you come to Champs Riding School!


Horseback Riding &
Horsemanship Lessons

Your weekly lessons will last for one hour. Grooming, horse body parts, saddle parts, bridle parts, and saddling are a part of every lesson until you can do it on your own.
If you’re bringing your child, parents are encouraged to be fully present during lessons. I’ll even happily involve you in the learning process, from grooming to standing next to your child or horse during lessons as we work on balance. As your child’s horsemanship grows, you will grow in your knowledge and experience as well! 

Concerned about safety? Me too! My more than 25 years as a CHA-certified* instructor has given me the experience and knowledge to teach you (or your child) everything you need to know to be a safe rider.

Before riding in a saddle, you’ll learn to ride bareback (AKA no saddle or pad) so you can really get to know the movement of the horse. 

You’ll also learn how to safely fall off your horse. Yes, I said fall! By the time you might need this skill, you’ll have practiced emergency dismounts in a controlled environment with safety in mind. 


*What’s CHA? Certified Horsemanship Association, also known as the standard for equine-related safety in the USA.

Check Out A Sneak Peek of Our Lesson Program

Coming Soon!

Which lesson program is best for you?

Private Lessons

Available for both children and adults, weekly lessons are one hour. If you can’t commit to weekly, we can accommodate bi-weekly schedules. (Learning may take a bit longer, of course.) 


$200 for 4 lessons

** Gift certificates available! **

Group Lessons

Learn to ride along with a friend or family member! 


Group lessons are occasionally available for two or more students at $45/hour.


Please reach out to inquire about openings. 

Outings & Field Trips

If you have a group that’s interested in learning about horses and horsemanship, we’d love to have you! 


We regularly do Girl Scout Troops, homeschool groups, and entire families (mom, dad, and kids). 


Introducing Evolutionary Saddles, the saddle we use every day for nearly every horse and rider.


When I discovered a saddle that fit almost every horse in my program, I knew I’d found a gem. 

What's so great about Evolutionary Saddles?


Hear it straight from the horse's mouth (AKA Lara the saddle maker):

"A rigid tree that supports the rider and panels that protect the horse from that rigid tree.


Panels are composed of several layers of Delrin that, combined with the unique mounting system, distribute the rider’s weight over the entire length of the panel, while allowing the horse’s back and shoulders complete freedom of motion."

It’s true—I could hardly believe watching the panels flex as my horse moved. Plus, it even helps me and my students to ride better because it’s easier to feel the motion of the horse and ride with it. 

Why Champs Riding School loves Evolutionary Saddles (and why I know you’ll love them, too) …

  • The comfort for both my horses and me is remarkable.

  • They are light and easy to lift.

  • Every saddle is luxurious and super high-quality.

  • There’s a saddle for nearly all disciplines and breeds. 

  • Each one is hand-made in the USA. 

My horses and I loved Evolutionary Saddles so much that I became a dealer! 

As an established dealer for Evolutionary Saddles, I use my unique experience and knowledge to help you design the saddle that will fit you and your horse the best.


Plus, if you’re in my area, you can come by for a consult to see my Evolutionary Saddles in person and get your custom saddle questions answered! 

Questions? Ready for your custom saddle? I'd love to help. Get in touch below!


Or, to shop accessories and gear, visit Evolutionary Saddles online shop.



Your first step is to let us know you're interested!

After that, we'll reach out to schedule a time to meet up.

Get In Touch!

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If lessons, are they for you or a child/grandchild?

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